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      Berries are an emerging industry in Montana with huge potential for growth. There are many growers and aspiring growers across our state who, together, have a wealth of knowledge and resources to share.  Our aim is to bring all of these growers together to build a healthy and robust berry industry. By becoming a member of the Montana Berry Growers Association, you'll gain access to exclusive grower resources, business development opportunities, and a chance to be part of a growing community committed to creating a thriving dark fruit industry throughout the state.

Membership Application
Would you like your name, farm, and contact information to appear in the MTBGA directory for growers and partners?
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*Grower: a current berry producer or orchardist. A voting member of the association.

*Partner: a related agribusiness owner, not-for profit organization, educational institution members. A non-voting member of the association.

*Aspiring Grower: A first-time member who may not yet be a grower or producer. This level of membership allows for connections to educational opportunities and resources for new growers. Members can hold an Aspiring Grower membership for up to two years. A non-voting member of the association.

What berry varieties do you grow?

Thank you for Applying for Membership! Look in your Inbox for a Welcome Message and Account Set-up Details!

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